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Is the encoder acceleration and tick size and all the same for an encoder on an OSC tablet surface ? Im still trying to wrap my head around this acceleration stuff.I do ok with the physical surfaces but not too well on this OSC pad. i dont know . Dont think im getting it. Really not getting it with OSC encoder.
Im just trying to adjust and tame some params on this c4 pad controller i just started with. The encoders are super fast and jumpy. and the params with steps i cant seem to get it to go back. I can turn clockwise through the steps but not back.
Is this normal behavior with OSC params ? Are the encoders on an OSC tablet the same as one on a regular surface ?
Also parameters and displays dont clear out and change all the way. meaning if i switch from one FX to another there will still be stuff hanging around from the last FX.I need to keep refreshing or going back n forth until all the previous fx stuff goes away and the new all shows up.If i close a plugin it doesnt clear also. Is that a known bug on OSC ? Love this c4 tablet layout. Just trying to get it to a usable point
Thanks any advice or help would be appreciated. Ill understand this acceleration stuff sooner or later.Thanks
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