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Default Tempo envelope : Automation item point content will ALWAYS stretch

Even if project timebase is set to "time" and if track timebase is set to "time", automation items point content will CONSTANTLY be stretched if you change a tempo marker BPM value. I tried to set "time" in Automation item properties, just for the sake of consistency (but I'm not sure it does something useful in this context).

All other items type in reaper can be set to time, and if so, they are not moving at all. AUTOMATION ITEM POINT CONTENT DO MOVE !! NOT THE AI itself, ITS CONTENT.

I tried everything I could think of. I'm fed up.

Thanks for your attention.

EDIT : if you test it, careful, you think the AI is ok, until you move it, and then you realize all the points are stretched... Fire hasard !!! I'm in so much trouble RN.

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