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Default Thanks Xenakios

Xenakios - thanks for your response. Over the past few months, I've studied the SWS source code and managed to produce an extension of my own, but right now I'm stumped...

Is there any way for a reaper extension to:

1) Enumerate the bindings of MIDI CC's to FX parameters for a track?
2) Intercept in-bound MIDI messages on an open MidiInput, and transmit messages on an in-use MidiOutput?

My use case:

Like most MIDI controllers, the Arturia Keylab's driver presents a MIDI in & out port, which reapers uses to communicate with the board.

I want my extension to detect that a knob movement (MIDI CC) is affecting an FX Parameter, so that when automation events / track selection changes occur, that my extension can transmit back to the keyboard what the new "positions" (CC values) for each knob are.

To achieve this, the extension needs:

1) To know what FX parameter is bound to a given Midi CC, for each track.
2) To be able to transmit Midi messages back to the keyboard when an appropriate OSC event occurs.

If there's a different / better way to achieve the desired outcome (i.e. communicating with the board as if it was a bi-directional control surface), I'd love to hear the suggestions.
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