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Default [OSC] Device track bank follows selected track

I've posted this in oscii-bot's subforum thread, but the question is more related to this subforum.

Why sending

DEVICE_PREV_TRACK t/device/track/-
DEVICE_NEXT_TRACK t/device/track/+
commands to Reaper doesn't switch device's bank, so it would always display the bank of the currently selected track?
For now, if one calls "track+" enough times to select track that isn't in the current bank, device doesn't automatically switch to the next/prev bank.

I've made a small video about it, showing that scrolling through tracks with an encoder would indicate currently selected track with LED button, but as soon as selected track is within range of the current bank, you have no clue, what track it is.

Notice how I'm forced to switch banks with my right hand to find the bank, in which the track was selected.
I've even lost it's position, during filming, because track selector jumped to the first track in the project, when the end of the track list was reached.
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