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Default v6.14 - September 19 2020

v6.14 - September 19 2020
  • + About box: improve UI for license key import
  • + Accessibility: fix keyboard navigation in empty FX chain
  • + Accessibility: support enter key in actions window shortcut key binding list
  • + Accessibility: improve render window tab order
  • + Actions: fix behavior of actions to cut/delete items within time selection with ripple edit enabled
  • + ARA: improve behavior when copying multiple items with different edits that share the same source media [t=237563]
  • + Arrange: allow showing both or neither of item volume handle/knob
  • + Audio devices: prevent deadlock when changing sample rate of some audio devices [t=240284]
  • + Fades: allow disabling default fade-in/fade-out lengths for imported media items
  • + FX: update parameter display in TCP/MCP when changed by plug-in from audio thread
  • + Grid/snap dialog: apply grid snap length setting instantly rather than when window is closed
  • + Help: fix mouse modifier help HTML display [t=241058]
  • + Import: prevent crash after importing multichannel item to multiple tracks
  • + JSFX: allow image/gfx window dimensions up to 8192 pixels
  • + macOS: fix keyboard focus when closing track name edit window
  • + macOS: fix listview column ordering issue when adding columns e.g. in actions window
  • + Menu customization: optimize changing menus when actions window is open [p=2340939]
  • + MIDI hardware: support forcing control messages from different devices to different channels
  • + MIDI editor: fix updating CC lane labels when changing lane via action [t=240427]
  • + Mixer: add option to group FX parameters with FX
  • + Mixer: improve cursor feedback when drag/dropping FX
  • + Mixer: add option to group sends with/before/after FX
  • + ReaScript: allow image/gfx window dimensions up to 8192 pixels
  • + Region/marker manager: add take marker support
  • + Region/marker manager: add preference to list markers, regions, and take markers grouped together or separately
  • + Render: fix project render metadata being unintentionally deleted [t=240097]
  • + Theme: add new tcp_fxparm_fx_norm/byp/off background images
  • + Theme: use scrollbars instead of scroll buttons for FX/sends/FX parameters
  • + Theme: extend tcp.fxparm.margin to support 7th field of FX-insert alignment, 8th field inter-column gap
  • + Track panels: fix visual issues with certain track color settings [p=2334327]
  • + Track panels: support movable divider between FX parameters and embedded FX
  • + Track panels: optionally show FX and sends in track panels
  • + Tracks: support any even channel count between 2 and 64
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