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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
It's not weird. Unless your tracks use 6db pan law, panning to center actually makes them louder than pressing the mono button does. That is, it changes the balance in the mix in a way the mono button doesn't.
Magicbuss -- when you have a mono track solo'd and hard panned and you sweep it slowly across the entire stereo field, what effect does it have? Does it seem to get louder in the middle or stay the same (or get quieter, though that would imply miswired monitors or something)?

You said (or implied) that if you manually pan them to the center they sound correct... this is interesting in that implies that something about your listening setup is maybe a little unusual, since most people would report that it would be louder (with a 0dB pan law).

As ashcat said, it's not weird that the "mono" button and manually panning to center sound different... but it is a little weird to me that manually panning to center sounds better/correct to you, since one would expect that the center panned tracks would now be 6dB too quiet compared to the hard panned tracks that were brought to the center.
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