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Default GUtilitiesPlus - New & Improved

Hello again everyone~ I took all the feedback from the initial release of GUtilities and have come back with GUtilitiesPlus! In terms of core features, it's currently pretty much the same as its predecessor, but it's in a much better state to grow.

The following ReaScripts are included in the initial release:
  • Batch import
  • Batch replace source (beta)
  • Item alias generator
  • Item fader
  • Item renamer
  • Move selected items to track with same name
  • Set item length (after snap offset)
  • Set item length (before snap offset)
  • Source validator (export to CSV)
  • Source validator

The main change I've made is splitting up the code. Most of it has been rewritten in Lua, and the bits that I couldn't (or didn't want to) rewrite have been reworked into a public API. It's all open source under the MIT license, so use as much or as little as you need.

Next, I've provided Mac and Linux support. I've got machines running a version of each platform now, and it's all looking good, but please let me know if you come across any issues.

Finally, I've squashed loads of bugs and put in a good bit of time optimizing everything. If you experienced any bugs before, let me know if they've persisted to the new release.

I won't be jumping ahead on a V1 release This time around. So forewarning: the API is liable to change as I get more feedback. Please do try it out though 😄

Also, the scripts are developed using Lua 5.4 features, so you will need Reaper v7.0+. You can, however, tweak the code to make it work on earlier versions if you need to. Compatibility is probably as simple as searching+replacing "<const>" with "" and doing a slight refactor on any <close> attributes, calling the relevant close() code manually. But I quite like these new features, so I'm going to continue using them.

In any case, consider GUtilitiesPlus a complete replacement. You can uninstall GUtilities using ReaPack when you install GUtilitiesPlus.

The next step for me is figuring out how to create some nice documentation. Functions are exported with descriptions visible in Reaper's IDE, ReaScripts have a brief description at the top of the code to explain what they're for, and certain GUI scripts like "GU_Item renamer.lua" have some inbuilt documentation via the tooltips, but I appreciate that a lot of the functionality is still in my head.


To install this extension, paste the following link into ReaPack → Import repositories. Installing/updating extensions will require restarting Reaper.

Source code for API (C++) can be found here:

ReaScripts (Lua) | ReaPack repository can be found here:
Linktree | Donation
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