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Default v7.09+dev0202 - February 2 2024

v7.09+dev0202 - February 2 2024
  • * Includes feature branch: Media Explorer time selection, channel selection improvements
  • * Includes feature branch: VST prefetch reporting
  • * Includes feature branch: notify user if default menu changed after a menu was customized
  • * Includes feature branch: extended ASCII encoding for .wav file text metadata
  • * Includes feature branch: envelope list window improvements
  • * Includes feature branch: media items on higher numbered lanes optionally mask playback of lower lanes
  • * Includes feature branch: increase fixed lane limit to 256 lanes
  • + API: support get_config_var(__fx_loadstate_ctx) for VST/CLAP use, char value will be 'P' if loading preset/via script, 'u' if instantiating from undo, 'U' if loading updated undo state
  • + CLAP: add per-plugin option to disable offsetting automation by PDC amount [t=287191]
  • + Media explorer: disable reverse preview for MIDI (playback has never been supported, but display was misleading)
  • + Pan law: set default for new projects to hybrid taper [p=2753690]
  • + Preferences: remove misleading 'ms' label on default media item fade-in/fade-out
  • + Razor edit: fix deleting tiny media items [t=287852]
  • + Regions: add actions to set loop points to current, previous, or next region
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