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Default ReaStream with Mac Ventura 13.6.5 and Windows 10 - does not work with 44100/192000

Two machines: one mac, one with windows:
In Mac: Ventura 13.6.5, Reaper v7.14
In Windows 10 Pro (64-bit): Reaper v.7.14

The setup: a "loopback" where Mac sends audio with ReaStream to Win, Win listens and sends it back to Mac with ReaStream. No audio processing in Win between the two ReaStream instances.

The problem: This works with 24-bit 44100 in both machines, and this works also with 24-bit 192000 in both machines, but this does not work having e.g. 192000 in mac, but 44100 in Windows (or vice versa).

More details:
- Set up both machines audio interfaces so that they are 24-bit 192000. Now loopback works fine.

- In mac, override the audio interface sample rate setting with a project setting asking for 44100. No sound in Mac. You can see from the sending ReaStream instance in Windows (the volume-meter bars) that it is actually sending, but in Mac: nothing received.

- in Win, go to Project settings, and override the audio interface sample rate setting with 44100. Now loopback works - audio is fine in Mac.

- In Mac, go to Project settings, and un-select the sample rate override. This actually does not change the sample rate back (a minor bug I assume): you have to save the project, close it, reopen it, go to open the Options - Settings - Audio - Device and just click OK there (the "request sample rate" is already 192000). Then reaper changes it.
Anyways - no audio in Mac.

- In Win, go to Project Settings and unselect the sample rate override.
Also here, this does not result into sample rate change, so choose Options - Preferences, you see that it still says 192000 there, click OK without changing anything and now it is 192000 also here.
Start playing audio in Mac - and the loopback works fine.
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