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Default [API] SetMediaTrackInfo_Value('C_LANEPLAYS:'N) and Undo

Test case:
  • Project with 1 track, fixed lanes ON
  • 2 Lanes on track, lane 1 playing
  • Run the following
    local function DeleteActiveFixedLane(track)
      reaper.SetMediaTrackInfo_Value(track, 'C_LANEPLAYS:0', 0)
      reaper.SetMediaTrackInfo_Value(track, 'C_LANEPLAYS:1', 2)
      --Track lanes: Delete lanes (including media items) that are not playing
      reaper.Main_OnCommand(42691, 0)
      reaper.SetMediaTrackInfo_Value(track, 'C_LANEPLAYS:1', 0)
    DeleteActiveFixedLane(reaper.GetTrack(0, 0))
    reaper.Undo_EndBlock('test', 1)
  • Undo
  • Run the above script again

EXPECTED RESULT: Lane 1 is deleted, Undo restores Lanes, Lane 1 is deleted again

WHAT HAPPENS: Lane 1 is deleted, Undo restores Lanes, Lane 1 is not deleted when the script runs again.

Now: not sure if this is user(me) error, but it smells that it runs fine the first time, or any time the lane play state is set manually, But not after an undo

Can someone shed some light on this?
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