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Originally Posted by Petey-B View Post
A Real Head Scratcher
In the MIDI Editor I have a script that moves selected notes by an interval; it works most of the time, but in one situation goes horribly awry.
This is the MIDI editor before running the script. The index of the selected note is 9, and overlaps the previous note.

This is the script:
-- Move the selected note back by an eigth
local _,_,_,s,e = reaper.MIDI_GetNote(take,9)
This is the result:

This works correctly IF:
  • the notes aren't overlapped
  • the note is not selected
  • the notes are not the same pitch
  • the note is moved by the arrow keys rather than the script
If I use MIDI_GetNote to check the lengths after, they don't reflect the longer note. It does however appear correctly in the event list.
I haven't come up with a workaround for this, it always seems to happen when the notes fall on the same starting point.

I wasn't sure if this belonged in Bug Reports or Developer's Forum, but I found this thread and it seemed appropriate...
This is a long-standing bug in the high-level API. You can use my drop-in replacement, MIDIUtils (here), which solves it.
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Default This Could Take a While

Originally Posted by sockmonkey72 View Post
This is a long-standing bug in the high-level API. You can use my drop-in replacement, MIDIUtils (here), which solves it.
First off, thank you for all that work, I found your MIDI Utils repository and got the Lua code.
Unfortunately my scripts are ultimately linked to a TouchOSC control surface, rather than a native GUI that uses a defer loop.
As a result I have to keep my scripts short and autonomous; faders and encoders call them repeatedly (require is not an option).
You can find some examples of these in the thread TouchOSC Widgets for Reaper.
So my plan is to extricate the code needed to make my TouchOSC Note Mover work properly, and merge it into my own (hopefully learning a few things in the process). I've grown quite fond of Lua, it's first class functions and total disregard for data typing reminds me of my days of working in assembler
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Default Midi CC doesn't work until it hits a vertex

Has anyone else seen this glitch? I've been refraining from upgrading my reaper version because it makes playback very annoying.

If I start my track from an area where a midi cc vertex isn't present (like in the screenshot), the cc value is completely ignored until it hits the next vertex, then it starts following along again. I recently upgraded to v7.02 and now v7.03 but looks like this hasn't been fixed yet still.

I wasn't sure if it had been reported yet or not, I couldn't find anything searching the forums and the net so I figured I'd ask
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It's not technically a bug but when scrolling between MIDI notes using the left and right keys (assigned to "Select previous/next note" in my configuration), shouldn't the view follow the cursor when it gets out of the window?
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Default Weird bug at the end of midi items?

Please check the video, there is some "ghost" midi being added at the end of an event and i cannot see it to delete it... it only happens at a certain zoom-out level. Focus on the midi velocity lane where my mouse cursor is.

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