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Default Pro-C 2 sidechain glitch

I'm extremely sorry for posting issue on Reaper forum... when I feel like it could be potentially Fabfilter's problem...

I'm trying to use Pro-C 2 for creating a "ducking" effect, I route everything properly (sending audio from another track to 3/4 channels).

Checking all pins with Pro-C 2 (3/4 enabled) and enabling sidechain Ext(external) in the plugin... and what I see is that plugin instead of getting signal from routed audio source it is glitching and showing that there is a static noise or audio source coming through....

What I tried to trouble shoot this:

1) Tried sidechain with other plugins... all of them are working (so it's the issue with Pro-C 2)

2) Tried to do the same settings in Ableton with Pro-C 2 and it works as expected (no issues with sidechain there, hence the reason I'm reporting here)

3)!!!! and this one is interesting.... when I manually change in pin settings "VST3 bus size" to any value grater than 1 plugin create duck effect (as expected) for 2 seconds and then glitch again (show that incoming source is static sound).
My setup:

Apple M1/ Ventura 13.0.1

Reaper v6.70 64-bit Intel, optimized for
macOS <=10.14

Fabfilter Pro-C 2 ver 2.15 (intel 64bit)

sincerely yours,
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In case anyone else comes looking for a fix for this (like I just did), the fix is to be found in the FabFilter forums.

In short, by default Pro-C 2 has MIDI triggering enabled, and Reaper is apparently sending MIDI data to the plugin that's triggering the threshold. The fix is to disable MIDI in the instance of Pro-C (under the disclosure arrow in the bottom left, next to the MIDI Learn button) and then it should behave as expected.
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