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Default Recalling presets in Cockos/JSFX plugins resets I/O pins

The title says it all. I use FX on pins other than 1 & 2 about 50% of the time. If I have an FX set to I/O pins other than 1 & 2, and recall a preset, the I/O pins reset - or more accurately, Reaper recalls the saved state of the pins (usually 1 & 2).

Both JSFX (third party and Cockos) and Cockos VSTs (ReaComp, ReaEQ, etc.) do this.

3rd party non-jsfx (LV2, VST, and VST3) plugin's behavior pinpoints the issue. If I recall a preset from the plugin's preset dialog (if it has one), it doesn't touch the pins. If I recall a preset from Reaper's FX preset dialog, it changes the pins. It sets the pins to the saved state. If the plugin is on pins 5 & 6 when I save a preset using Reaper's preset dialog, if I open that plugin in a different project and set the pins to 7 & 8, when I recall that preset, it puts the plugin on pins 5 & 6 (the saved state).

This makes it super tedious to audition presets, and if someone doesn't know it's happening, it will cause lots of confusion. Who would think to check the pin configuration when recalling a preset drops the plugin out of the signal chain?

How to reproduce:
1. With any plugin on a track, set the track to 6 channels.
2. Set the plugin I/O pins to 5 & 6
3. Save the setup as a preset using Reaper's "save presets" dialog
4. Set the plugin I/O pins to 1 & 2
5. Recall the preset
6. the plugin I/O pins will be set back to 5 & 6

I'm running Reaper 7.09 on Ubuntu. I tried this on an older 6.xx version of Reaper and it was the same behavior.

I hope this gets addressed.
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I suppose we need an option for this…
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Just thinking out loud ...

A preset captures all the available parameters of the plug-in itself. The connections of its inputs and outputs is something separate.

On that basis, Reaper presets need never save the IO pin connections. Or IO pin connections stored in Reaper presets are ignored on loading the preset.
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I think there's definitely interest in having a default preset with non standard pin connections for example
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My thought is, save the pins configuration in a track template, where there would be multiple plugins on various pins. Within a track template, the user would still want to audition presets without changing the pins configuration. I can't think of a use case where the user *wants* to change the pin config when changing a preset...

I came across this when I put Saike's Filther jsfx behind a synth on pins other than 1/2. I set the pins up, and then tried to cycle through the presets to test them. It was just by chance that I checked the pins...

A config option to disable the current behavior works for me. If anyone wants the current behavior, more power to them. I would just *love* to be able to turn it off.


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Please give some attention to the preset/pins issue.
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