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Default Issues found since last update (SOLVED)

I rarely have an issue with Reaper and updates are normally hassle free however after the last update I have noticed a number of issues and would like to see if it is just me....

Reaper ver 5.04

Issue One (This may just be my not getting the change in the interface)
In the previous version I could choose a specific input source on each track. Eg If I set the input as midi, I could then choose either my Portable Grand or my E kit. If I set the input as Audio I could choose Input 1 or 2 on my NI Komplete box. Since the upgrade I now don’t have these options, only Audio or Midi as the input.

This is causing some issues when I try to input 2 midi tracks at once as I can’t define which input device is assigned to which track. As a result I have input from my keyboard triggering drum hits rather than the e-kit. The only way around this seems to be to do the tracks one at a time. Same issue with the audio. I am not able to tell each track which input to use to receive its audio signal.

I am sure that this is something that I am not fully grasping but when I am used to the granular control over input sources that I used to have, it is disconcerting. I can’t find any setting elsewhere in the menus that might alleviate this issue. Can someone pls explain?

Issue Two
Since the upgrade I have had a lot of issues with both Amplitube 3 and Guitar Rig. If I add a new Virtual Instrument track and select either A3 or GR, it adds the track (once again I don’t have the option of choosing the input so I hope for the best) and plug in my guitar. I get no signal on the track input at all.

The Komplete does however show input coming in on it’s LEDs
If I then just add a plain track then after the track has been added I add A3 or GR I get signal on the track meters but no sound through the VSTs. Changing the patch within the VST makes no difference.

I have tried:
Reconnecting the Komplete
Closing and Opening Reaper again
Changing to a different I/O device (AVID Fastrack)
Checking and rechecking all settings

The result is consistent each time (Fail)

Adding a midi VST such as EZ Drummer works fine
Imported Audio Tracks play back fine
Would appreciate any suggestions.

Win 7 Pro 64 with 16 GB RAM and heaps of HDD
AMD Phenom X2 550
Ni Komplete Box
Avid Fastrack

No problems with reaper until this recent upgrade (where the interface changed)

Billy Gareth

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Default Update

If I open a project that was created before the update and try and add AMP3 or GR I get the same outcome as listed above.

However if I DUPLICATE an existing track with these VSTs applied, the new track works fine.

On tracks already existing in this project I get audio signal fine so the issue isn't the interface.
Billy Gareth
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Default Issue Resolved

Found the answer in this thread

Billy Gareth
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