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Default Menu order on Mac (Help/Window)

Reaper 64 5.978 on Mac displays menu like:
File ... Help Window

As per Apple's HIG it should be:
File ... Window Help

in fact, all other apps that I have use the second order, so this is kinda annoying.
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There's a bunch of things in OS X Reaper that out of the box don't adhere to Mac convention (Command-H doesn't hide, opt-drag doesn't drag a copy, it moves the audio within the item; Command-drag drags a copy).

I just always chalked it up to its Windows origins and the Windows leanings of the devs. I feel grateful that they are as well versed in OS X as they are so I just accept that apps written for both, with the OS X version holding the position it does, are going to have a few of those that make me nuts. I mention the item copy-drag because every time I get back to Reaper after working on a project on anything else, I blow a few edits until I get back on board with the Windowsy way of doing it
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