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Default Migrating MIDI tracks from Reaper to Logic

I'm technically a Reaper beginner who's about to start recording an album. The plan is to record the foundation in Reaper and then continue with a producer in a studio using Logic. However, the producer is not sure that MIDI files from Reaper can be easily migrated to Logic. He would prefer I start over and learn Logic. I do NOT want to do that. I've invested too much time in the Reaper manual and videos, and I like what I see.

Can anyone reference a manual chapter and page number (I'm on V 5.977), or paste a link to video or forum chat that would put this producer at ease? I need to be absolutely sure about this before I go further with any DAW. Thanks!
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Should work without problems.

Tell the producer that "items" in REAPER are "regions" in Logic:

Should be as easy as dragging and dropping the midi file into Logic.

This will just be the MIDI though, no plugins or anything. Audio will be fine if you add it after the MIDI, as long as you include the tempo map in the file.
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