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Default Saving and Recalling Reaktor State


Okay, the below is all wrong--the user presets are just scrolled out of view by default. But since I have a somewhat related question, I'm going to post it here, rather than render this thread useless. The title is not entirely irrelevant ...I've seen worse

I am working on a script for reaktor that will:
1. Load a reaktor ens from user preset
2. Write the resulting vst built-in presets into a rebank-compatible file
3. Continue 1 and 2 until all user preset ensembles have been loaded, and their presets written to the file

Then later, I'll use this file to populate a gui for selecting ensembles and presets. This should work equally well for other vsts that support built-in presets, but can still load banks of presets, such as Massive, Guitar Rig, Synth1, etc.

2 questions:
1. How do I get the short vst name used by Reaper to create the sub-folder for the vst user presets? I.E. 'Reaktor' rather than 'Reaktor5 8in 2 out'. I'd like to name and recall my reabank this way.
2. How best to tell the script to wait until the new ensemble is loaded before querying it for presets?
--okay, already thought of a possibility for this, which I used with MAX. That's just to periodically
--check the preset list, and see if it has changed. Does this seem like the best method?

Thanks as always!!!

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
Reaktor is one of those few remaining vsts that will offer a preset list to the host. Unfortunately, it looks like when this is done, it overwrites any user presets in the list....

To test:
Load ens1 in reaktor.
Save current state as preset 'ENS1'. Look in the preset list, there it is.
Load ens2 in reaktor.
Preset "ENS1" is gone from the list. All that is there are the presets for ens2.

I'm confused, as I'd swear I've seen both user and vst-supplied presets in that list, but the act of loading a new ens seems to remove them?

Any thoughts for how best to work around this? I'd like to be able to both load an ensemble, and get its built-in presets, both via script. I've written the code to get a vst's preset list, but I'm not sure how to load an ensemble. I guess there are options involving substituting a single effect in the effect chain(via chunks?) although that is not ideal, as I'd rather not re-load reaktor itself if I don't have to.


Thanks in advance as always!
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I guess, even if I know to periodically query the vst to see if its presets have changed, I'm not sure exactly how to work that query into the script....

I'll be getting user inputs for various things, then looking for the focused effect and getting its presets.

Then, if I find a user preset, and the 'reaktor' setting is on, I'll recall that preset in the vst. Think I can do that fine.

But then, I'm not sure how to set up the loop that would query for preset list changes, and then wait if it hasn't seen them yet....

Okay, now I'm remembering Lokasenna talked about a similar method for gui refreshing, Ima go look at that now. Maybe that syntax will be applicable.
eric moon
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