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Default Reaper 3.141: Smaller, faster, more productive.

v3.141 - November 16 2009
+ Action: toggle selected tracks between touch and trim/read modes (for non-motorized control surfaces)
+ Anticipative FX is no longer by default disabled during rendering
+ Batch converter: added right-click context menu, modeless configuration
+ Custom menu: fixed Actions menu occasionally declining to be customized
+ Fixed mislabeled undo/redo menu items in certain instances
+ Image loading: theme images optimized for faster load (startup) time, and smaller installer
+ Installer: reduced installer size on all platforms
+ Media explorer: fixed import of multitrack MIDI files when importing to empty project
+ MIDI editor: fixed bug when extending a looped item leftwards in the editor
+ MIDI editor: avoid skipping over CC data when drawing edits quickly
+ MIDI editor: actions to explicitly mute and unmute notes (in addition to existing toggle)
+ MIDI editor: middle button hand-scroll
+ Peaks: fixed rebuilding peaks for selected items
+ Project markers: fixed transport jump-to-marker list not being refreshed
+ Preferences: added new Envelopes tab, option for how to handle volume/pan trim when adding envelopes
+ ReWire: per-instance options to control whether slaves can change tempo, loop region
+ Scrollbars: drawing fixes
+ Toolbar: merged toolbar and menu customize interfaces, no limit on custom toolbar buttons
+ Toolbar: customizable tabbed floating toolbar (separate from main toolbar)
+ Toolbar: added 72 more custom toolbar images
+ Toolbar: optional user text over blank toolbar icon
+ Toolbar: armed actions can be run by clicking anywhere in the arrange view (not just on a media item)
+ Video: added support for video files that contain no video track
+ Video: better audio sync on OSX
+ Video: dont show video from stopped background projects
+ Video: fixed possible hang on Windows multi-monitor setups
+ Video: fixed incorrect frame display issues (rounding errors after manually moving the edit cursor)
+ Video: added a preference panel to select video colorspaces
+ x64: fixed bugs in recording and rendering format selection/configuration windows
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