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Default How to send Ableton's audio into Ninjam client?

I have decided to try and use Ableton as a source for audio, instead of Reaper (I want to experiment with on-the-fly, in-jam looping, and I don't see how Reaper can do that).

I had tried to slave Ableton into Reaper-running-Ninjam, but since Reaper takes the ASIO drivers, Ableton must use ReaRoute ASIO, and I can't get my guitar live through Ableton then.

I also tried to send the guitar from Reaper into Ableton, and then back to Reaper-running-Ninjam, but I'm not getting any audio signal in Ableton doing it that way, so it defeats my purpose of wanting to have my audio in Ableton to do looping with.

So my most recent solution is, I thought I could run everything out of Ableton, and send Ableton's signal into the Ninjam client, which I believe can run on ReaRoute ASIO.

But, I'm not getting any signal in Ninjam Client. Can anyone help me with the setup of Ableton into Ninjam Client?

I realize this is an obscure type of request. Thanks much for any help.
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