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Question Looking For Information On Drum Plugins


This is not a query specific to Reaper.
Since I have been a Reaper user fore ever though I would think it may
be O.K to post my query here.

If anyone knows of a better place to post my query please let me know.

I am looking for information about different Drum Plugins.

I am a programmer and as a hobby am writing a Drum editor
much like Superior Drummer III's Midi editor.

In my studio I am exclusive to SSD4/SSD5.
SSD4/SSD5 does not require Midi NoteOff's (Yea!).

Dealing with NoteOff's is truely a nightmare
- Imagine dragging some Midi events from one voice to another.
- When dropped onto the 'new voice' the dance required to make
sure that NoteOn and NoteOff pairs do not disrupt the existing
events within the dropped voice is an absolute nightmare!.
I.e. one does not want to end up with Double NoteOn's
(No intervening NoteOff) and so on.

Being pretty old school though I am very aware of Polyphony.
With that said, in my code I am attempting to accommodate them,
which again I am finding to be time consuming.

I cannot seem to find information on various Drum packages
and if in fact they require NoteOff's. I am talking about things
which appear when one searches for 'Best Drum Plugin' on the net.
There are dozens.

So, does anyone know any of the following:
- Drum plugins that do not require NoteOff's
- Drum plugins that DO require NoteOff's

Thanks in advance for any information you choose to share with me.
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Pretty sure it's just down to the nature of MIDI that it works with note ons and offs and doesn't recognize "held" notes as such. If a sampler doesn't care about note-offs it's probably only because the samples are "one-shots" that are expected to play all the way through.

You can use a MIDI filter to filter out one or the other before it gets to the plugin if you're having issues....You can also set the MIDI editor to display drum notes as triangles or diamonds (not indicating the length).

If there's a specific chore involved in your workflow, you could try getting someone to write a script to do it automatically.
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