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just getting going here again... will edit this to detail what i did to quickly get a fresh working portable install.

AFTER I got the "Error opening REaperConfigZip" when i tried loading the newly downloaded version. (thanks hugely lexaproductions -)

I was planning to start fresh with my "played around with" version from a few weeks back so all is good!

Took just a few minutes and works great!
WILL edit this now AFTER posting this info.

WINDOWS 11 HERE - works terrifically... SO much cleaner than windows 10 - effortless free upgrade.

OK, so creating a fresh REALIVE PORTABLE version: (really over-thinking it here as i write this)

1) fresh download of REALIVE, via link from first page here, page 1, and, the download link is found right under the REALIVE logic banner.
It says: "Click this to get the whole thing"

2) I extract the REALIVE zip to my desktop. inside is the Realive.xxx.xxx.reaperConfigZip AND a reaper.ini file in a folder (in a folder-)

3) I use the latest REAPER DEV version (don't know if it's proper to post the link here)-- Anyways, during an install of REAPER there's a portable installation checkbox which i select of course. I've earlier created a folder on my desktop called REAPER - i install into that folder, being sure to check the portable install box of course.

4) after install i run it once where/when a lot of folders and files will get created from running it.

5)(FIRST TIME DOING THIS this WAY) ~> I go to my old installation (C:\REAPER_old-portable\UserPlugins) and get those two files:


Not sure what gets missed by not installing at least SWS (grooves i guess) YET: seems to work, and maybe I'll learn something new, that it's fine and faster - heh-heh

6)For the first time since learning REALIVE i go into the REAPER folder and rename reaper.ini to reaper_ORIG.ini AND THEN i go to the REALIVE "For Portable Install"
folder and find the reaper.ini and put IT IN the REAPER folder.

7) Now i start up REAPER (this new portable version) and go to Options/Preferences and at the top there's "General" ~> selecting that i see there's IMPORT CONFIGURATION. i click that and navigate to the Realive.xxx.xxx.reaperConfigZip... and the magic happens... I WAIT a couple of minutes UNTIL the import button is ready to click on (lots happens as the config import thinks it through - you'll see movement of the scroll-bar)

I click "IMPORT" - EVERYTHING Finishes - I'm told a restart is needed via a dialog box.

OK rushing a bit here (just got back)... so hope that's clear.... was good for me to think it through and write it all in super basic fashion... I will remember better for having done it.

best to all
no reply needed - which also means, write any time of course!

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Someone could confirm but I did try to make the install of sws and js automatic with the Realive import. Let me know if it works.
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Human being with feelings
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@lexaproductions !!!

OH YES, it's been a couple of weeks or so...

UPDATE COMMENT: YES, it IS automatic... NO NEED to manually copy/install etc.

~~>> " install of sws and js automatic with the Realive import "

I forgot about that in my hurry... all really great. Thanks for useful remind!
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