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Default Ultimate low-latency optimization guide for Windows 10. No more clicks/pops

This is a guide for optimizing your PC for Realtime Audio.
I have been battling with really bad clicks/pops due to malfunctioning drivers and lack of optimization for months now,
so hopefully this guide will save you some time in winning this fight.

My setup:

Prism Orpheus
Intel I7 3770
Asrock H61M DGS Motherboard
Kingston 120gb SSD

The following optimizations allowed me to work with a buffersize of 32 samples with virtually no problems.
I can now open up projects with many channels, plugins, virtual instruments and so on and have the computer running smoothly with 32 buffersize.

First of all download LatencyMon (http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon)
and let it run the test for a night, without any other programs running.
If you get an error then you are screwed.
For me it was the internal ethernet adapter that was messing things up, so I installed a
Gigabyte PCI-E adapter that solved the conflict.

Windows 10 Optimizations:

All these are very crucial steps so dont skip anything:

1)Install AVG Tuneup:
-Turbo Mode
-Live Optimization OFF

AVG Tuneup helps you eliminate unwanted software running in the background and also manage your system and save resources.

2)General Windows Optimizations:

This guy done an awesome job in optimizing Windows 10 in general

Remember to keep all antivirus and firewall off.

3)Black Viper Windows 7 SP1 *Bare Bones* Services Config:

and also Black Viper’s Windows 10 Service Configurations:

Do both of them.

These are optimizations down to the core.
The guy has nailed it with making Windows run like a feather. D
efinitely deserves a donation imho.

----Update 10/04/16: More Tweaks

4)Kill all the Apps

Turns out that Windows 10 Apps that run in the background spike the CPU every 10 minutes or so, which can be pretty devastating when recording.

One has to uninstall all built-in apps:

Here is how:


and how to disable Cortana:


5)Kill RuntimeBroker

The above might not be enough as you probably need to disable RunTimeBroker, a process that relates to the Apps and runs in the background and can be way too CPU consuming.

Here is how:


6)Experiment with Disabling Hyperthreading in BIOS:
In some systems HT can cause clicks and glitches or CPU Spikes, try and see if disabling makes a difference for you.

So thats that.
Hope that helped some of you out!
Let me know

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