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Default Ultraschall State Inspector - monitor and modify your Reaper-states

Hey there,

during my developement-stuff I'm doing for the ultraschall.fm-project, I came across the need of a way of monitoring states(external, toggle command, project-states, key-value-stores of ini files, like reaper.ini, etc, etc) of Reaper easily.
So I made one during the last two weeks and it came quite handy for me since then.
Maybe you have use for it as well.

You can easily add, change states. You can also run actions from within the Inspector, so you can build up a list of often used actions, that you can run easily, without having to work with thousands of keyboard-shortcuts or the action-list time and again.

Cheers and feel free to suggest things, that you'd love to see as well in the Inspector...


You can download the Ultraschall Inspector at:

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Pretty complex script !

I usually only put action on toolbars for that ^^

Well done !
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Hey Mespotine, Any chance we could have that but for gmem?
For now I print all my gmems in Ext_states so that I can monitor them, Would be nice to monitor them directly...
by gmem, I'm talking about this:
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Nice idea, hadn't thought about that yet.

I'm still in early plannings of a completely revamped StateInspector (including Config Vars, editable StateChunks, etc) and would try to include that as well in the process.
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