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Default Novation Launchpad- anyone tried it on Reaper?

Hi, I am considering getting a controller and I saw Novation?s Launchpad


Launchpad ships with a dedicated ?Launchpad edition? of Ableton Live 8, but can control almost any other music software using Novation's award-winning 'Automap' control software.
I like of Ableton, but I dont use only it so I as thinking of how good is this (plus something like Korg nanoKeys) with others DAWs and/or VSTs. It is the same price of Many midi Keyboard controllers, but it does more than it, it does have Automap.

So is it good to control a "normal" DAW?

Thanks in advance.
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I do use a Novation Nocturn I like alot but I haven't tried Launchpad. That looks pretty cool... but does it only work in 'Live'??

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It's automap compatible and so should be quite easy to get going with Reaper. All other automap devices (nocturn, SL controller keyboards eg.) seem to be easy, especially with this dll. It's ableton integration functions will probably be missing, so it will just act as a control surface.

I wouldn't guarantee anything of course, so it would be best to buy from somewhere that offers an x-day money back.

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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I was curious about this too. Has anyone actually given it a go? I've read some bad things about Automap in the past. What are your guys' experiences?
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I also would be interested in anyone's experience with a launchpad in Reaper.
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I have a Launchpad and it is fairly redundant with Reaper (amazing for performing with Live though). Get a Nocturn instead. The fact it has no knobs or sliders mean that all the automapped functions are random and mostly pointless. I suppose it would be 'ok' if you can be arsed to go through and manaually create plug-in mappings; but the Nocturn does it more effectively and immediately and costs £80 less. Go figure.

My ten cents....
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