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Default Patch "v0.1-a": using pcap files.

This patch allows assniffer to read pcap files directly instead of listening from a network interface. This has been tested under Linux only.

How-To patch:

First of all, download the attached patch file ( in /tmp for example.

1. wget
2. unzip
3. cd source
4. mv wdl WDL
5. cp /tmp/ .
6. unzip
7. patch -p1 < patch_0.1-a
8. cd assniffer
9. make

How-To use:

1. create a pcap file with tcpdump (change filter):
tcpdump -i eth0 -n -s0 -w test.cap "tcp and port 80 and host xx.xx.xx.xx"

2. use this file with assniffer:
./assniffer output_dir -r test.cap

How-To use in real-time:

1. mkfifo tunnel
2. tcpdump -i eth0 -n -s0 -w tunnel "tcp and port 80 and host xx.xx.xx.xx" &
3. ./assniffer output_dir -r tunnel

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