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This may be my fav theme, but it doesn't have narrow/strip mixer layouts, which is a must for me. Anyone want to do that for me, pretty pleaseeeeeee???
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It feels like logical attempt to flatten and simplify UI but i agree that theme is too dull and low contrast. Also buttons with open borders are very hard to locate visually.

Flat themes could be user friendly. For example take a look at current DaVinci Resolve UI.
Really love to see DaVinci Resolve theme variations for Reaper.

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Love the Theme, surely one of the Best Dark themes for Reaper,
Just wanted to add 1/2 a cent..



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Where do I get the Concerto Theme?
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It’s on the Reaper Stash site.
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David Carlyon
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I still think this is the best theme for reaper.
I want to get the 'full' version. Does such a thing exist? Or is it just the one on the reaper stash?
I like the new reaper 6 theme better than the reaper 5 theme - but it still looks messy compared to this one.
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