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Originally Posted by cubic13 View Post

Concerning the mcp header, I tried to stick as much as I could at the model. I could have done it differently with, indeed, the track label under and both the index and headers above.

Will see if I can do something about it, but don't hold your breath, as it will probably be too much work : at first glance, all the instances of the mcp panel backgrounds (selected and not selected), as well as the label and index ones will have to be reshaped graphically, this with the necessary adjustments in the rtconfig.txt (Walter commands) for most of the layouts.
Gotcha, well don't sweat it. You've been to enough help already and it's not a big deal anyway
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Great, thanks! This helps a lot!
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Hi Cubic13, thanks for your work on creating this. Would you be so kind to export a full ReaperConfigZip so that we could get it exactly like in your screenshots?

The problem I'm having is even after adding the theme, it looks nothing like your screenshot (colors are off, tracks don't have colors, overall theme looks darker than the picture)

It would be much appreciate it! Many thanks in advance for your contribution!
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Hi Cubic, I love your theme, especially since I came from Cubase to Reaper so its easier to understand and adapt to me with your theme.
I have one question: can you add a TCP with horizontal meter and horizontal volume?
Thanx for a great theme.
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@lawrs & mikostep

Sorry for the late answer.

Actually, I no longer use Reaper and consequently, there is a very little chance that the themes uploaded in the stash from me will be updated. I might again look at them in one week, three months or five years, but don't hold your breath...

If anyone consider that some of these are worth working on it, he/she should feel free to do so...

Sorry again.
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