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Hi All

I've been using the ReaBORN 2 theme (by Nick Moritz) which has been perfect for my workflow over the last few years. It really is clean and simple to use...and easy on these ageing eyes!

I noticed that on the original ReaBORN theme, the MCP panels are coloured, just like the TCP panels, but in ReaBORN 2 this has been done away with and only the top half is colour tinted. The MCP panels have remained grey in colour.

The original ReaBORN theme post:

ReaBORN 2 Theme post:

I was wondering if there is a way in which I can colour the MCP panels, just as they were in the original theme? I use set colours on all of my projects, so it would be a great help if I could adjust this feature.

I have searched through many posts on here, and notice that some say changes to the Reaper Config file have to be made, or even changes to the PNG images in the actual theme folder.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I have tried other themes over the years, and even toyed with the latest theme for REAPER V6, but at them moment I still prefer ReaBORN 2.

Thanks in advance!
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