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Default "Item notes" for automation items

This feature has been discussed in the AI pre-release thread as well as other FR threads.

Item notes is a very useful feature for storing all kinds of information about a media item. Users can type notes, and scripts can store any information that can be encoded into strings.

AFAIK there is no other way to associate information with media items so that it remains associated with all copies and child items after copying and splitting.

Item notes will be similarly useful for automation items.

In particular, envelope scripts such as Xenakios and my LFO Tool could then store an AI's curve data inside the AI itself, recall it whenever a user wants to re-edit the AI, and the data won't get lost during moving and copying.
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AutomationItems have, as far as I remember, a proper id that never changes. That is used for inclusion into envelopes, even accessible in EnvelopeStateChunks.
Have a look into my EnvStateChunk-docs for more on that(look for variations of pool_id):

This ID could be used to associate ProjExtStates to a certain AI.

If you can get the ID of an AI while clicking on it, you can easily include "Add AI-Notes" or "Set AI-Notes" actions to the menu.

Displaying would be another thing though. This is the biggest advantage for ItemNotes, that they can be displayed in the arrangeview itself easily...without an additional window.
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Unfortunately, the ID changes when an AI is copied without pooling, or moved to a subproject, etc.

However, the ID is probably the only option that we currently have available, so perhaps I can update my LFO scripts to remember IDs.
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Nice idea!That would be supernice to change presaved curves with notes,something like a total control of lfo shapes.I was thinking also if this was possible and if they could update AI to change user presaved presets-curves with notes that would make them a great pattern sequencer-gater.

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