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Default File Relink Quality of Life Improvements

I am on a documentary project right now that has some assistant editor/file management issues that I'm dealing with.

Since its a doc, production is kinda running and gunning and rolling whenever something interesting is happening. Because of this, their edit has multiple files all with the same default name from the recorder. These were never changed or renamed by the editor.

This means that there might be, say, 5 instances in 90 minutes of a "T01.wav" file or something like that.

Reaper's file relinking system does a great job of always finding my files, but when multiple candidates are found, it goes with "Any Matching File". The other options aren't any more relevant for finding a meaningful match.

My proposal is to either

1) be prompted when multiple candidates are found and be shown the filepath it is looking for the file in and be able to select the correct match


2) Have a match parameter of "closest file path structure" or something like that.
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