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Default no recording progress (waveform) shown at some zooming levels

sorry to phrase this fairly unspecific this time. I just experienced this issue for the first time ever, however repeatedly.

I had added ReaInsert to a track with a vocal take. The track is configured to record its own output while monitoring the track media, hence, I can record the signal that has been processed externally into the original item as an new take. Recording mode is set to "auto-punch into time selection", time-selection corresponds to the item length of the original item. This has always worked flawlessly in the past.

Now, suddenly, while Reaper punches in to record the new take on top of the existing one automatically, at some zooming level, no recording progress and no new waveform is shown on top of the old item (as has been the case before). Transport bar in red shows that recording is in progress, though. I first thought that the recording had stopped for some reason but as soon as I interrupted recording, the new waveform suddenly actually appeared as it should. This happened repeatedly. While no waveform is shown during recording while zooming in fairly close, the waveform sometimes did reappear when I zoomed out. However, sometimes no waveform at all was shown during the entire recording process no matter the zooming level. Recording does take place in every case.

Sorry for not being able to provide a licecap for now.

Reaper 5.80 x64, Win7 Pro x64

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