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Default TCP/MCP Scrolling issue

Hey there!

On my machine the TCP/MCP scrolling is not working correctly since some time.

I have the link option of them both activated and the scroll view is activated.

When I click on one track to activate it (TCP or MCP) the scrolling in both mixers are linked and the activated/selected track are gonna be shown and in both mixers.


then, when I start scrolling in one of the two windows, the scrolling only happens in the window where I'm actively actually scrolling via keyboard arrow keys. In the other non active window the scrolling is only visible in the current visible part of the window (e.g. if I have the mcp shrinked to only a couple visible tracks the scrolling is only visible for these three tracks) but if I scroll further the non-active window is no longer putting the current activated track into the visible area.

Many thanks in advance for a solution or a bug fix, if it is one.

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