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Default lel 3


very electronic

was released already but I remastered it, erring on the side of too much saturation rather than too little

will make more sense if you've heard Cilonen by AFX, but maybe not much. It reminds me of a combination that and that japan-only NES game Sweet Home (basically a proto Resident Evil). Dunno why

also lel was a maker of Soviet drum machines (literally made during communist times, which makes no sense to me unless they thought machines were incapable of being art/expression for some reason). It provides the rhythm for the track
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I can hear some things going on that's kinda interesting. But the sat didn't really 'bother' me as much as not having much space, and I think this precisely needs to sounds spaced out. I know it's stereo, but it sounds so clustered as to be almost mono. I can't hear all the little intricacies you got going on. More separation, more space, more stereo field. But I like the sounds going on.
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