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Default Finally some Video playthrough!

Hey guys, been awhile here. Now I'm finding more and more time to record new material. More time to even film it all so here goes a new video:


If you guys end up liking some stuff, be that tone, skills, licks, etc. Let me know and I'll include some more in-depth shots in the next video.
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Hey V. Dug the song itself, got lots of textures in the first section of the vid. But, and I'm not sure if it's because of YT, it sounded slightly 'hollow.' That little staccato part ~0.53 sounded more upfront than the rest of the mix, not louder, just more prominent, like what I would expect from the 'whole.' The last part after the speaking, had a lot more meat to it.

I played it loud and was kinda grooving with the song, so that static part ~1:41 scared the shit outta me! Heart still pounding...
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