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Default infinitly played midi notes in synths...

no matter synth i use. this is back and back again. i just use midi editor and placing some notes for selected synth on midi editor. area of actually played song track is lopped. other synth play midi notes too on other tracks.

suddenly some of other corresponding tracks with synth or synths vst start to played one single infinity midi note. i can stop to hear that note by bypass the plugin wich does that sound and create copy. this stop. if i unbypass previous copy - that single note in synth is still played. this is most frustrating thing in Reaper and i have that almost all the time when i try to work with midi and synths. Nothing helps. only bypass plugin which create notes self - always this happening when i use looping while inserting midi notes in midi editor for specific track. usually problems start appearing on ther tracks - infinity played midi notes - usually at other one vst synth at corresponding track. what is that ?
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