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Default VST3 channel color inverted endianness (FIXED)

Hi again Justin,

just tested the 5.96 release, the VST3 host context menu works fine, thanks!

I'm afraid I've now noticed something wrong about how VST3 channel colors are interpreted and sent by Reaper.

The Presonus IContextInfoHandler/IContextInfoHandler2 spec says
namespace Presonus::ContextInfo {

/// (R/W) channel color (int32: RGBA)
const Steinberg::FIDString kColor = "color";
however I've verified using Presonus Studio One that it actually sends the track color in 'ABGR' format (big endian, probably a relic of the VST2 era).

Just to make things a little more 'interesting', Steinberg's own ChannelContext::IInfoListener::setChannelContextIn fos() version uses ARGB format.
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Thanks, fixing!
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