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Default Reaper stories.

Last night's mixing and recording gig was so rich in pure legend value that I just have to share it!

The band is a rap-pop-band featuring a 20 head string orchestra. They performed in a movie theatre. My MacBook was recording 22 tracks (in Bootcamp) while my collegue's MacBook was used for playing the backing tracks. He used PT LE with M-Audio hardware.

Setup and sound check was way too fast, and we had no time to check things properly. I had the recording project built up beforehand, but did have to add a few tracks during the sound check. Then I just hit rec and left it alone.

The PT was a disaster. There were a few songs without backing, so PT crashed because the computer went to sleep. Starting PT took ages when cancelling all the errors from missing iLok, but we just made it in time for the next song. On another song, just as the intro started, PT crashed again, and we got it running again about 2 seconds before hitting play. Then it crashed mid song.

Seeing where we were going, I took my external HD, installed Reaper 2.44 Mac Beta to my friend's computer and transferred the backing project I had used for the previous gig. We ran the remaining backing tracks from freshly installed Reaper. Not a single problem what-so-ever.

At some point I noticed that one of the mixer channels doesn't output to the recording equipment. Between songs I swapped the mixer channel to an empty space, created a new track to Reaper, assigned an input, and made the track recording as well WHILE RECORDING 22 TRACKS in 44.1K 24b.

I want to marry Reaper. She's the only one helping me to reach my goals instead of telling me how I should've done it differently.
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Awesome story! Thanks for sharing!
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Thinking on ones' feet - the mark of a great engineer. Reaper is a quality application but similar to a Lotus, it takes a quality driver to make the machine perform. Great work and good story, man.
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Thanks for bringing that to the table...great job.
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"in the trenches with reaper" vol 1.
Great story.
I have less triumphant tales to tell about recording live shows with Cubase... Viva Reaper!
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