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Default Playing duplicate notes to trigger multiple velocity layers on the same note


I have a Kontakt percussion instrument that rely heavily on velocity layers, putting sometimes samples for different instruments on the same note with different velocity triggers/ranges. It also comes with pre-programmed midi loops that I can drag and drop inside the host DAW.

When I use it in Reaper, only one of the layered notes play and the others are clipped/muted. This also happens in Ableton and Bitwig Studio... It only works in FL Studio and Cubase.

Is there an option that I can switch to force Reaper to send all the duplicate notes to Kontakt? I remember reading about it somewhere a long time ago but can't find it.
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Off the top of my head, maybe having the notes on different tracks/lanes could work?
Or painting/recording them in different tracks/items, then gluing/merging them into one item?
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