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Default ARA-Tempo / artifical benchmark

I still don't get the tempo ara- integration in reaper to do the same that melodyne does internally. I made a little benchmark audio file to demonstrate it. It is a simple loop of piano-melody and drums that increases in speed from 110 bpm to 150 bpm:

I rendered the Audio. When it is analyzed by melodyne the tempo has some oszillation at the transition. But nevertheless the melodyne-internal metronome never looses the beat throughout the whole file when turned on:

I would like to achieve two things in Reaper:
Case1: Import the tempo map and let the benchmark audio unchanged
- Project setting Timebase for items: Beats(position only)
- Import of tempomap through Reaper ARA-menu
Case2: Define the tempo in reaper and let melodyne stretch the audio
- Project setting Timebase for items: Beats(position, length, rate)
- Confirm detected file tempo in Melodyne -> changes reaper item play rate

Unfortunately in both cases the reaper metronome looses the beat of the audio. Maybe I am doing something wrong. The audio file and the reaper Projects for both cases can be downloaded here:

I really want this to work - maybe someone has some suggestions how to improve the results.
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