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Default Recording audio to a click with tempo changes

Hi guys,

I kinda have a two part question here I'll try and ask it as best as possible.

I have been working on a project with a friend of mine.

We decided to add some tempo changes for the various intro, verses,chorus's ect..... I did this via the tempo envelope line and adding tempo change markers accordingly at the beginning of every part that needs the tempo changed.

Problem is....some parts turn out perfectly fine while other tracks or part of said tracks become totally misaligned and mismatched from the rest of the music.

I have noooo idea what I'm doing wrong and it has been driving me crazy all last week till today. ughhhhhhhh

Should I have recorded the audio with tempo mapping the entire song from the start? Would that have been the correct way to do it to avoid these issues I'm having? With that said I'm most likely sure it's user error on my part but just couldn't find an answer on my own.

Ok had to edit this post with some extra info.

I tried again last night, I recorded audio to a click this time laying down tempo change markers throughout a song idea first and it worked great however when I tried changing the tempos of those markers the tracks went all out of whack becoming misaligned and playing totally off from each other.

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