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Default Glowing text toolbar buttons

The 14 toolbar buttons, designed as square with glowing text and horizontal line.

Supply these glowing text buttons as an addition/alternative to default picture icons.

Easier to discern which task user is clicking. ie. it takes longer to decide on small picture icon if
it's an action you don't normally use. That time adds up in a long session.

Icons can be confusing, especially if you are tired and bleary eyed during a long night session.
Text is instantly identified which streamlines workflow. The text icons also look neater and more streamlined compared to odd/different shaped icons.

Implementation Suggestion:
If they could just be added to the Stash as downloadable.
I found this old post and thought they looked pretty sharp, but no download link. See screen grab.
I think the buttons text should glow green by default, switching to deep blue when clicked. Unclicked, I think the white text looks really boring.
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Someone other than the devs might do it for you, but you can do it yourself if you don't like waiting in indefinite uncertainty.

Toolbar icons are in the Reaper Resources folder > data > toolbar icons. Edit then however you like.

I think the best medium point is icons with a textual hover icon, which is what I'm about to do with mine.

Note that this is purely subjective. To my eyes, anything with text is confusing, but I'm well familiar with all my icons and their functions.
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These buttons are from my all-time favourite theme, LEDFEST!


Download the theme, extract the ReaperThemeZip, if necessary, and then you should be able to use these buttons in your own theme.

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Thanks a million mate! You ROCK!
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