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Default OSC to p5.js for automatically turn a score


I'm trying to get the OSC message from Reaper in order to use his timeline to automatically turn the page on my iPad. I use p5.js, node.js and the OSC package to send everything in the browser, but when I try to watch it on my iPad some error appears saying that is failed to load resources, particularly the http://localhost:8081/socket.io/socket.io.js is not found.

I'm not very strong in javascript and i think that the thing i want is pretty simple. I need to get the timeline of Reaper and use it to change an image in p5.js.

Can someone help me a little bit?

Thank you very much.
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I can't comment on the problem you describe.

I see that you can use the OSC position information for this purpose. But this does not contain information about which Reaper project is playing and hence what "chapter" of your song book is supposed to be displayed.

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