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Old 03-25-2020, 11:36 PM   #1
Human being with feelings
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Default VST3 Parameter loading problem in Samplitude

Anyone here experienced issues with VST3 parameters loading incorrectly in Samplitude when re-opening a saved project?

Debugger shows that Samplitude is loading all of my VST3 plugin parameters properly but then goes back and overwrites some of them with the DEFAULT values as specified in the plugin's constructor.

I cannot figure out WHY it is doing that - any ideas? It is not doing this with the VST2 version or in any other DAW.

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Old 03-26-2020, 09:50 AM   #2
Human being with feelings
Join Date: Apr 2018
Posts: 289

I have narrowed this down to the "Default" preset (MakeDefaultPreset("Default", 1)). If the plugin is loaded with it's initial Default preset and then the user changes those parameters Samplitude does not restore those parameters properly upon project re-load. It initially loads the correct values but then takes a few more steps and overwrites the last parameters touched with their default settings. No idea why as degugging shows nothing in the plugin is triggering this as far as I can tell.

HOWEVER, if any of the built-in ("MakePreset") presets are selected and then edited, Samplitude DOES restore all of those settings properly on project re-open.

Not sure what this means. Bug in my plugin - or in Samplitude? (Customer has reported problems with other developer's VST3 plugins in Samplitude too, so...)

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