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Meo-Ada Mespotine
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Default StateChunks don't update PARMLEARN and LFOLEARN when using ReaEQ

I just noticed a strange behavior, when I add a LFOLEARN or PARMLEARN of ReaEQ to wet and bypass.

Let's say, I add a new instance of ReaEQ with factory default settings, I can add PARMLEARN and LFOLEARN to it and it will be added as, e.g.:

LFOLEARN 12:bypass 0 11 OSCMessage
PARMLEARN 12:bypass 0 3 OSCMessage
so the parameter-index is 12 for bypass.

Now, if I add another band, the parameter index for bypass moves to 15, which even can be added now as well. So if I make another PARMLEARN via UI, the statechunk can read the following way:

LFOLEARN 12:bypass 0 11 OSCMessage
PARMLEARN 12:bypass 0 3 OSCMessage
PARMLEARN 15:bypass 0 3 OSCMessage
I would expect, that the PARMLEARN-entry 12 would be updated to 15, if bypass changes from position 12 to 15 when I add a new band:
LFOLEARN 12:bypass 0 11 OSCMessage
PARMLEARN 15:bypass 0 3 OSCMessage
Is this expected and how can I find out, which one is now the real learned parameter for bypass and wet?
And is 12:bypass now used for parameter 12, which is not bypass anymore or is it used for 15:bypass as well, as it has :bypass in it's numbering?

The same problem goes for LFOLEARN.

Tested on Windows 7 Reaper 6.11x64
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