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Default I don't understand volume envelopes

what I am trying to do should be relatively simple. I have a tack with a media file, and all I want to is to get it to fade in.

I know enough I think to understand that this needs a volume lane and volume envelope. The only way I can find to add this is to click on Trim for the track, and select volume + visible. Now the volume envelope appears. I don't see why i should have to click on Trim but anyway.

Now I try to add some points in the envelope. I try clicking but nothing appears. OK so maybe i need to make a time selection, so I drag out a time selection at the top, but this makes no difference.

OK, so try a different approach. I click the right button and select "Inert Point". Surely this should work ? But no, still nothing is added !

So far, not a great experience. But, I know a sure fire way to add an envelope. I go back to Trim and arm the volume then start playback.

Now this works, but for some reason it adds two envelopes ! What is this, left and right channels ? I think maybe i did something wrong with my earlier attempts, so I remove the envelopes and try again. Click on Trim and it again appears, I got straght for Write this time, trigger playback, and once again - two envelopes. I try removing the first, short one but when i remove that it also removes the second, longer one.

Anyway a bit of experimentation and I am now able to add points, adding to the longer envolope seems to do what i want, the shorter envelope seems to be ignored.

So anyway, I can add a point at the start by right clicking and add point, or i think double clicking. I drag this point down to zero, but it is really sluggish. It doesn't seem to want to move and it takes a few goes to get it down to zero. Eventually I succeed. So now I again right click and add a second point at the end of the envelope (the second envelope, not the first).
I drag this end point back up, again it is painfully slow, but finally I manage to get the point up to the top.

I listen back to the track, and it does fade in, but I want to make it fade in over a longer time.
Well, at least this should be easy, just drag out the envelope and move the end point, right ? So I do that, but now, what? The envelope is repeating itself ! The longer i drag it out, the more repeats I get ! I just want one fade in, not a whole load of them,
But Reaper has other ideas. So i must be doing something wrong, surely it cannot be that complicated just to add a couple of volume points , but what ?
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