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Default Setting up a casio keyboard for midi instrument selection sync.

Hello everyone. I'm kind of fishing for answers on this one. I'm demoing a bunch of different DAWs on Linux, and Mixbus is the one that seems to work first time, out of the box, at just about everything. The problem is, I'm not really interested in it's analog nostalgia, and would rather not start learning on something that just makes everything sound great, on its own. (damn that sounds stupid now that I type it out). I also just prefer the interface of Reaper.

Anyway, when I plug my casio keyboard (CT-X700) into Mixbus, the MIDI instruments sync perfectly, in an almost creepy way. For a second, I thought I was getting audio out instead of midi. I change to guitar on the keyboard, I got guitar in Mixbus. Even the little symbols and sound effects functions work perfectly! When I look at the recording in Mixbus, it shows the instrument switches as "prg1bnk385" for example.

When I plug it into Reaper or stock Ardour, I only ever get the default synth. I've installed a couple piano plugins, but nothing so far has had that creepy level of instrument sync that Mixbus has out of the box. Is there an industry standard plugin that Mixbus is using for their "General MIDI Synth", or have they worked some serious magic to make this work?

Also, if anybody has any good reasons to start learning Reaper vs Mixbus vs stock Ardour, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for your help!
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mixbus has a GM synth included. Reaper doesn't. To set up a GM sound bank in Reaper you would need to use a GM virtual instrument or a sampler with a GM sound library
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