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Default Latency issue while recording an output of a folder track


so I am trying to record my acoustic guitar with a dual mic setup.
After recording I would like to handle it as on item per take, so I decided to put both tracks into a folder, pan them and then record the output on the folder track to get a stereo item.

Both mic channels have ReaFir on the Input FX to eliminate all the noise. This way its already baked into the file and I don't have to put ReaFir on every single Track afterwards. I know that ReaFir introduces latency, but since I'm monitoring my guitar directly through the interface that is not a problem.

My concern is with the delay I get on the folder track (recording the stereo output, I also tried stereo output latency compensated) relative to the child tracks. Shouldn't the Input FX on the child tracks be applied before it is recorded and so the latency not be between folder track and child track?

In other words: is there a way to maintain this method and get the folder track to record in time, so that i don't have to move it on to the grid after every recording?

Many thanks in advance!
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welcome to the forums, Gitdan!

yes, input fx are "baked" into the recorded file(s). You may wanna render the two recorded tracks into a single wave file instead of doing it by recording the output of the parent track. Rendering is much quicker. Just make an appropriate time selection, then make sure the folder track is selected and then trigger the action "Track: Render selected area of tracks to stereo stem tracks (and mute originals)". I just tested both methods (yours and mine) and both yielded the same (correct) results. Waveforms are perfectly aligned as expected. You might wanna check if Reaper is compensation for your interface's latency corectly. I'm describing the latency check in this video:

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