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Default opening project files

im trying to open reaper project files in my laptop. usually on my desktop i load something and it asks me to load a certain file, i just type the numbers in the search from that project and it auto searches the rest for me. but with this laptop its manually asking me for each file. i have all my reaper files in 2 folders. the laptop is windows 10 home, and desktop is windows 8. please let me know how to make this easier. thanks.
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If you make a folder per project and put all audio for each project into its own folder, you can copy the whole folder to another system and it will simply find everything. Reaper defaults to looking in the current project folder for any project audio files regardless of where they were originally saved. (Of course it also saves their current locations and will remember those as long as nothing was moved.)

Starting a project with a 'save as' and making a project folder is the way to go. Recordings will go in that folder by default.

Using your own different file system method (eg. a common folder for multiple projects) will involve a lot of 'moving the mountain'.
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