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Default Lengthen midi items

OK, super basic question here, but I am overwhelmed by the Reaper menu and can't figure this out.

Let's say I entered in a bunch of notes in different midi items on a single track and they span over 4 bars. Then I decided that this section of 4 bars plays too fast vs. the rest of the tracks and I want all these notes (same amount of notes) to play over 8 bars instead.. essentially cutting the tempo of those midi items in half. How do I do this easily? Hopefully I explained that well enough.

The other midi items / tracks must keep the same tempo, so of course changing the song's tempo isn't the answer.

Edit: looks like I answered my own question now...
Actions -> Move and stretch items to match time selection.

Unless someone has a smarter way, but that seems to do what I want!
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Press Alt, move the mouse to the edge of item, there will be surprises!
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hold Alt key and use mouse to drag the right edge of the MIDI Item to the right until it is 8 bars long
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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