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Default Guitar Pro 7 to Reaper....midi? what is transferred?

What is really transferred when transferring midi from Guitar Pro to Reaper, apart from the length notes.

why not all things are being transferred like bends or whatever? is this something that could occur in the future
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I don't know anything about Guitar Pro other than it deals with guitar music notation and does some MIDI editing. The thing to know is that whatever MIDI Guitar Pro exports will be imported by Reaper. So, does Guitar Pro use MIDI to create bends and whatever? If not, then bends and whatever won't be exported as MIDI (which appears to be the case).

Does Guitar Pro export notation as MusicXML? Reaper can import MusicXML, but this is not MIDI*** data and won't impact MIDI playback immediately.

*** Note: Reaper actually uses MIDI as a method of coding its notation information, but that doesn't mean that Guitar Pro does. Long story short - notation information is not the same as MIDI. A pitch bend in Guitar Pro doesn't mean pitch bend MIDI data is exported.
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I think GP5 exported the bend info but not 6/7.
I'm pretty sure TuxGuitar will export the bends from GPx to midi.
It will also send the midi bends:

ReaTrakStudio Chord Track for Reaper forum

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